Collaboration in the Human Sciences

Computational Thinking Development in Middle School with the Thymio II Educational Robot

In the present research, the educational contribution of the Thymio II educational robotics environment to the development of computational thinking in middle school students was studied. This is a programmable robotic device through the Aseba studio environment and the Visual Programming Language VPL included, suitable for compulsory education students. Initially, the role of educational robotics and then the methodology of the research conducted using Thymio II at the Experimental Middle School of the University of Patras are presented in short. Finally, it is studied whether students can solve problems, and whether there is a differentiation in the grade, the gender or the student work group in terms of the development of computational and programming thinking.In general, the results of the study were quite satisfactory and showed that the use of the Thymio II robotics environment  contributes to the development of the computational and programming thinking, the creativity and the collaboration of middle school students.


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