Collaboration in the Human Sciences

Rebooting Greek: Collaborative Curriculum Design

The Centre for Hellenic Studies Stavros Niarchos, in association with Simon Fraser University, is conducting a Greek language learning project and consequently we were challenged, as a team, to design a curriculum for a second language acquisition (Greek), for students (with a Greek background), taking into account all students’ features and adjusting the whole project accordingly.

The participants of this project are 7 post graduate students of the University of Patras and 4 languages and computer experts of Simon Fraser University. The method “Learning by design” used for the purposes for this curriculum, a student-centered method that promotes students’ ability to critically reflect on their cultural identity and awareness of their language achievement through language learning.

Some results were also stated, concerning computer-assisted instructional design, reflexive practitioners and recursive feedback.


  • Kallirroe Vassilopoulos -
  • Maria Tzerou -
  • Chrysanthi Pappa -
  • Elena Papatsirou -
  • Tristan Levy -
  • Evi Kalogeratou -
  • Theodora Giachali -
  • Eugenia Arvanitis -

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