Collaboration in the Human Sciences

Study of the relation of Natural Sciences with the Archaeological Museum

The aim of the study is to promote cognitive developement to a group of 11-year-old children on the relation of Natural Sciences with the Archaeological Museum. For this purpose, an educational program consisted of seven activities, which used pottery and ceramics, was designed to  answer the following questions: a) can Natural Sciences (N.S.) emerge from ancient exhibits observation?, b) can N.S. act as motivation for learning? and c) can N.S. be connected with the Archaeological Museum? The program took place at the Archaeological Museum of Patras. After the implementation, childrem related N.S. with the Archaeological Museum, they were able to distinct different materials and they understood the change of substance properties and the energy transmission. Furthermore, N.S. served as stimulation for learning.


  • Eirini Lida Remountaki -
  • Anthoula Achriani -

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