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The Greek Minority Education in Albania

        The establishment of the Albanian state brings a lot of turmoil in Greek-Albanian relations, as the northern part of Epirus is annexed after disputes in Albania. The Greeks living in northern Epirus are trapped in Albania and are forced to adapt to the new conditions. Despite the commitments of the Albanian state, the Greek minority lacks its political, religious and educational freedoms and rights. The Albanian government still manages to overthrow the Greek minority, putting it at a disadvantage. In the education sector, the Greek National Minority continues to face problems, as mother tongue teaching is considered incomplete. The rigid Albanian Analytical Program has not taken account of the Greek minority, resulting in crowding-out. The research carried out highlights the difficulties faced by members of Greek minority education and proposals are being made to improve and upgrade education in the Greek minority schools in Albania.


  • Anila Mammou -

One thought on The Greek Minority Education in Albania

  • Dear Anila,
    I find your poster very interesting because it reveals the great problem of the greek minority education in Albania. I had the opportunity to work in the greek school a Marseille, in France, so I understand very well the problems of the education for greek children in another country. I agree that there are unsuitables materials, that funded resources are scarced and that there are not training seminars for greek teachers who go abroad (imagine that i had participated only once).
    I hope your research to contribute to better future education not only for the greek minority but for all the greek children living abroad.
    Best regards

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